Message: Hello Anuradha,
I’m a Leo moon & Leo Lagna, I’ve given up my corporate life & have decided to do some good karma stuff, like opening a soup kitchen.
As Mars is a yoga karka for Leo’s I approached a non-profit that has been feeding the homeless for 25 years now, 365 days of the year in San Francisco. I’ve lived in the US for over 30 years, though in heart I’m still a proper Bombayite:-)
Anyway, I approched this selfless instituitionfor a temporary job, as getting a license to open a soup kitchen requires me to have a paid position in a soup kitchen for 2 months.
I have volunteered about 700 hours at this soup kitchen, so the day of Mars & Saturn conj I approached the instituition asking them if they could hire me for 2 mths to log in 300 working hours as one of the processes to open a soup kitchen of my own & Valla Mission Accomplised, they said “yes.”
U were the only astrologer on youtube who said nice things about this conjuction for Leo’s, hence I’m giving U this feedback about past good deeds coming to fruition for our benefit & that of society at large.
Big fan of yours, please continue your good work!!:-)
I feel blessed here in San Francisco from your wonderful insights & guidance!
With utmost gratitude,

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