Rajeshwari Arvind

Dear Anuradha: I give the brief summary of my experience of attending the Panchangam course.

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Nakshatra Cource - Anuradha Sharda

1 The Panchangam course taken online in Zoom by Anuradha Sharda was fabulous 

2 The course was full of examples from the mythology as well as every session was linked to real life charts

3 She explained in such simple terms that even a beginner with no knowledge on Panchangam can follow the course

4 The material given was very informative and colourful

5 She is magnamious when it comes to clearing doubts and does not mind extending the session time even if required.

6 Her knowledge of the panchangam is very vast and it is very apparent when she anchors the sessions.

7 The course was made very interesting and is light and easy to understand.

8 The price for the sessions is extremely reasonable and affordable

9 Her command over English Knowledge and astrological terms is commendable

10 The timings are very well suited for both students and working professionals.

Thanks, you so much.


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Nakshatra Cource - Anuradha Sharda
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