Marina Litvak

Dear Anuradha Sharda,

Thank you very much for the knowledge you passing to me. Excellent class! Much more than I expected. I like the points precisely explain to each nakshatra. I love Puranas stories and the pictures. I don’t remember any text and numbers, only images and stories. Would be nice to know more about mantras for each nakshatra, and of course what we are allowed to use without parampara, what time of the day or night, how long and, maybe, what type of food should be avoided (for example: if I have Venus in Ardra nakshatra I should avoid any alcohol, because it might make me more angry?? Just guessing. Or you said that it is good to say Vishnu Shastranam every day, but you didn’t mention how to, what day to start, what time and so on. Of cause if it could be considered as a part of the (Beginning Nakshatra class). Also, would be more knowledgeable if we could look at the charts of older natives (not a children or yang students) to be able to see nakshatras in real life. And transits over nakshatras if it’s part of that class. And, please if it’s possible, with explanation like you did with Mrigashira nakshatra Thank you for your way of teaching and for your willingness to pass the knowledge. 

With Gratitude,

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