Nakshatra Course – 1 st Set (English)


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Course Level: Beginners to Advanced ( 1st set of 9 Nakshatras)
Language: English
Recordings: Available with PDF

Course Content

1. A New Method of Prediction based on Decoded Mythological Stories and Puranic Legends associated with the Nakshatras
2. Understanding the Esoteric Significance and Delineation of Important Themes and Shadow Issues associated with Nakshatras.
3. Detailed Analysis of the Nakshatras .
4. Application of Theory on Example Charts, In Class Practice Sessions, Revision Exercises
5. Remedial measures which are easy and simple to apply
6. Parts of Muhurta also to be covered.

Course Highlights

1. Recorded sessions will be made available to all participants
2.  New Researches and Methods On Nakshatra for Research Students

Fee – Rs.14160*/$230(USD) (Inclusive 18% GST)

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