Nakshatra Courses – Set 1 (English) From Ashwini to Ashlesha



Nakshatras – Set 1

From Ashwini to Ashlesha

The Nakshatras form the sky map and talk about the upcoming events in our lives. Planets in specific Nakshatras show definite behaviour and consequently give a direction to our lives.

In this set of classes, we begin our journey with the first 9 Nakshatras from Ashwini to Ashlesha. We also see how nakshatras play an important role in our health quotient through the Tridoshas.

We will also take charts in class for analysis.

First Class: 6th March, 2022.Sunday

Regular Classes: Sundays

Time: 10 AM to 12 Noon IST

Medium of Instruction: ZOOM

Language: English

Duration of the Course: 3.5 Months (14 Lectures 2 Hours Each)

Course Content

  1. Prediction of Nakshatras and planets there in based on Puranic Stories for.
  2. Understanding the Important Themes and Shadow Issues associated with Nakshatras.
  3. Detailed Analysis of the Nakshatras.
  4. Application of Theory on Example Charts, In Class Practice Sessions,
  5. Remedial measures which are easy and simple to apply
  6. Understanding the Doshas and your mental and physical wellbeing through the Nakshatras are also covered.

Course Highlights

  1. Detailed course material will be emailed to all participants after the class.
  2. Recorded sessions will be made available to all participants
  3. New Research will be shared with all students


Rs.12500/$200 USD (Including 18% GST)

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Nakshatra course in English

Nakshatra Courses – Set 1 (English) From Ashwini to Ashlesha

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