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Prashna literally means, in modern usage, “question, query, inquiry”.

The Universe has all the answers to each of our questions HERE and NOW.

When a query is put we draw up a chart of that particular moment. The chart holds all the answers to the query of that moment and the we with our intuition and expertise are able to answer the query.

The Prashna session does not require any birth details of the querent. However, the questions HAVE to be specific. Ambiguous questions cloud the Prashna and the answers so received are not clear or satisfactory. Since, these questions are specific, the time of consultation is also short.

The client can put forward questions like-

  1. What should be done to ensure better health of the patient?
  2. Where can I find my lost object?
  3. How would my decision to go to court with my fraudulent partner work out?
  4. Do I stand a better chance in my new job?
  5. Will I get a promotion?
  6. Will I gain money through this deal?
  7. Will I succeed in the endeavour?
  8. Will I have a baby?
  9. What will be the result of this litigation that I am facing with my property?

MODE: Online Consultation with a link to recordings sent after the consultation


*Consultation will be done within 10-15 days.

Fees – $ 30 / Rs. 1299 (Inclusive 18% GST)

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