Tithi Pravesha – Yearly Predictions


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The tithi Pravesh chart is more potent for timing events in a chart than the Natal Chart as it takes into account the transits and the accumulated Karma of this lifetime for the person concerned.

Tithi Pravesh is defined as the entry of the Sun and Moon into an angle in the Transit chart such that the Sun returns to same sign as in the natal chart and the Sun and Moon form the same tithi or angle as in the Natal Chart. This starts the New Year for the person concerned and all predictions for the Year commencing from that day is made for the person.

High Lights

  1. Special periods of the Year
  2. Time of Caution
  3. An important area of life for the year
  4. Critical areas of life needing attention

DURATION– 50 mins

MODE – Zoom/Voice Call

Payment  Rs 3200/75 USD- PayPal payment available

Recordings of the session will be sent to all after the consultation.

*Consultation will be done within 10-15 days

Fees – $ 86 / Rs. 4366 (Inclusive 18% GST)

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