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Contentment is something we all seem to be lacking. We seem to be running without knowing what we actually want. We say money would make us happy but there is no end satisfaction to it as no amount of money satisfies us.

So, I plan to work with people on a one to one basis for 45 mins a week for 9 weeks. Astrological counseling will be a series of 9 weekly sessions, booked as per your convenience. Each session will touch your chart, placements will be discussed and therefore counseling will become more personalised and relevant. Relevant counseling is most important in today’s modern fast paced world. One get’s to know who one really is with all their strengths and weakness. In this series of Astrological Counseling, I work on planet by planet as per their placement in different houses and Nakshatras and help people to re realise their potential, do remedies, mental, physical and spiritual which will improve their thought process, confidence and make them more self-reliant and increase their resistance to the negativities of the world. Slowly what would emerge is a happier person and consequently a more successful person.

I also have added in following some out of box ways depending on one’s chart or planetary positions so that one can become more social and compassionate yet fully established in their own self.
It would be achieved if there is a coordination and work on the users end too.

Medium – Zoom Meeting

Fees – Rs. 37000 / $730 (Inclusive 18% GST)

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